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A large red truck drives down a highway past trees and grass covered in winter snow in Central IL.

Winter Challenges For Truck Drivers

Driving during the winter season can be very difficult and even dangerous. Central Illinois occasionally gets significant winter weather, including snow, ice, sleet, hail, and even blizzards. If you drive a truck, you need to be extra mindful of all the challenges of operating your vehicle in this weather, as it can be easy to lose control of your truck. Our experts at Bob & Ron’s Repair Service in Central IL recommend arming yourself with the necessary knowledge and skills to help keep you safe on the roads.

Poor Visibility

During the winter, visibility can be especially poor when snow is on the ground or actively falling from the sky. High winds can carry snow and, essentially, blind drivers. Lines on the road can become covered, and traffic signs can be obstructed, impeding your vision and making driving challenging. It doesn’t take much for a big rig truck to accidentally drive into the next lane or off the road entirely. Sometimes it’s best to pull over until the storm passes or visibility improves intentionally. Whenever you find yourself stuck or stranded, contact our team for roadside assistance.

Accidents & Icy Roads

When winter weather hits Central IL, we can experience a variety of conditions and precipitation. One of the most dangerous is ice. Ice forming on the roads can cause slick conditions that lead to accidents. Truckers need to be extra vigilant and prepared to brake (gently) in case they come upon an accident. Just be careful that your trailer doesn’t jackknife or rollover, as that could lead to a serious accident for yourself. Watch turns and inclines, and don’t drive over the speed limit. In extreme conditions, you should move as slowly as possible while still going at a safe speed for other drivers. It’s best to be prepared, so call our experts to install winter tires.

Traffic & Getting Stuck on the Highway

When conditions are icy, snowy, and windy, visibility decreases drastically, forcing all drivers to travel more slowly, leading to traffic getting backed up considerably. In extreme weather, traffic is inevitable, so we recommend being patient, going slow, and making sure you always have plenty of gas in your tank before you start your trip. Try also to maintain enough distance between yourself and other vehicles on the road. The deep snow may result in you getting stuck, as can a system failure or faulty engine. These situations cannot always be anticipated, but if you find yourself stuck on the road, call Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc. for 24/7 roadside assistance, and we will tow you to safety.

Passing Snowplows

If you’re a trucker, it’s recommended not to pass snowplows. They are trying to clear the roads, so if you pass them, they could kick up snow on your windshield, quickly causing zero visibility. Make sure always to give them enough room and don’t follow too close behind. Allow them to do their jobs and apply sand and anti-icing chemicals to help improve traction on the roads. This will make it safer for you to travel, even if the plows are slowing down traffic. The safest surface to drive on is behind the plow, so be patient. We know you have deadlines, but it’s better to arrive late than get in an accident and become stranded in a dangerous situation that will prevent you from showing up. If an accident happens, call 217.877.4794 for roadside assistance.

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