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Why Is Your Semi-Truck or Heavy-Duty Truck Engine Overheated?

An engine overheating on a semi-truck can happen for a number of reasons. Regardless of the cause, you need to fix it right away at a reputable mechanic shop in Decatur, IL, to prevent even bigger problems. That’s where Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc. comes in to provide professional aid when your truck needs it most. Learn more about different reasons why your semi-truck or heavy-duty truck engine may have overheated the last time you were on the road.

Thermostat Issues

Thermostat issues are among the most common reasons for engine overheating and semi-truck repair in Decatur, IL. The thermostat may be giving an incorrect reading or is stuck open or closed and isn’t able to regulate the temperature by controlling the flow of coolant to the engine.

Coolant Issues

Coolant issues are also a frequent reason for heavy-duty trucks to overheat. Coolant issues can range from minor to more serious, so it’s important that you have an ASE-certified technician like the professionals we have here at Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc. repair it. Common coolant issues include:

Defective radiator cap: A defective radiator cap can allow pressure to drop in your cooling system and also cause your cooling system to lose moisture slowly over time, reducing your coolant levels.

Mixed coolant: Adding another type of coolant to the coolant already in your system can lead to overheating because the two coolants can have different boiling points.

Low coolant levels: If your coolant levels are low, this can lead to air bubbles and keep the coolant from circulating in the system. Low coolant levels are often the result of a coolant leak.

Coolant leak: Coolant leaks need to be fixed right away to prevent a major engine repair. Leaks are often found in radiator hoses, the radiator, and the water pump, but can occur anywhere in the cooling system.

Cooling Fan Issues

If your cooling fan isn’t kicking on, your engine will overheat. Sometimes the cooling fan isn’t blowing because of a loose or broken fan belt, but at other times you may have a defective cooling fan that needs replacement at a qualified and professional mechanic shop in Decatur, IL.

Engine Issues

Clogged, leaky, or dirty diesel injectors can cause overheating because the injector is not releasing fuel properly, which makes the overheated engine work harder. If you also notice poor idling, engine misfires, or a strong fuel odor, these could be signs your overheating is related to a faulty diesel injector.

A leaking or blown head gasket is another reason for overheating and the need for heavy-duty truck repair. Moisture can escape at a slow or fast rate from a defective head gasket even with the rest of your system intact, so it’s important to diagnose this right away at a mechanic shop like Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc. to prevent an even bigger engine repair.

Professional Heavy-Duty Truck Repair and Semi-Truck Repair in Decatur

If your engine has overheated, our team of ASE-certified technicians here at Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc. can find the cause and get you safely back on the road right away. We’ve been operating a full-service heavy-duty truck repair and semi-truck repair mechanic shop since 1959, and can take care of all your semi-truck and trailer repair needs in Decatur, IL. Whether you need semi-truck maintenance, such as oil changes, chassis lubrication, or actuator service, or need semi-truck repair from brake repair to transmission repair, we aim to provide the best in automotive service excellence to our new and existing customers. Contact us today for heavy-duty truck maintenance, heavy-duty truck repair, semi-truck, and trailer repair, or for 24-hour emergency towing and roadside service.

Our phone number is: 217.877.4794

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