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A close-up of a diesel engine in Central IL.

What You Should Expect From Diesel Engine Services

If you have a diesel engine, you likely rely on it for many things, like dragging, pushing, or hauling heavy loads. When your diesel engine needs professional service, you can count on our experts at Bob & Ron’s Repair Service in Central IL. We will treat your engine with expert care and quality repairs. However, you can also do everyday maintenance to ensure your engine is consistently in the best condition. So whether you enlist the services of a professional or want to do them yourself, here are the best maintenance tips for your diesel engine.


Keeping your diesel engine clean is necessary to preserve it for as long as possible. Allowing dirt and grime into your engine could damage the components, impairing its efficiency and likely lowering its life expectancy. You don’t want to replace your engine if you don’t have to. It’s best to take excellent care of the one you currently have and ensure it continues to run properly for years to come. It’s a symbiotic relationship—you take care of your engine, and it will take care of you. Remember the three most essential components of cleanliness: clean air, fuel, and oil. Call our company at 217.877.4794 if you have questions or want to schedule a cleaning service.

Monitoring the Coolant

The coolant is an important maintenance requirement for your diesel engine, so it needs to be monitored constantly. Over time, it can become more acidic, so track it consistently. You don’t want to neglect this responsibility because if the increased acidity is left unchecked, other sections of your car, like the radiator, may deteriorate. If you’re going to trust the professionals, come to Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc. to schedule a coolant test, or check out our blog page for more helpful tips.

Changing Air and Fuel Filters

As a rule, fuel filters should be changed every 10-15 thousand miles, so it’s best to be on a regular maintenance schedule with your local professionals. A diesel engine has two fuel filters: a main and a secondary. They should both be replaced at the same time. This is because fuel filters help to channel fuel that doesn’t have harmful foreign particles to the combustion chamber, and air filters do the same with air. That is why it is so important for both filters to stay clean to continue efficiently carrying out their functions. For professional filter changes and exceptional service, rely on our team of experts.

Changing the Oil

For your diesel engine, your oil should be changed every 5,000 miles or so. It depends on how often you use your engine and the kind of strain you put on it. For example, it is necessary to change your oil more frequently if you use your diesel engine for hard driving and towing. Your engine needs to be properly lubricated and free of dirt and debris. That’s where oil comes in and why it plays such a vital part in the overall function of your engine. With sufficient oil, you can keep your diesel engine from overheating. If you come to Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc. for an oil change, you know you’ll get the best quality oil that is the right type for your diesel engine. Contact us today to schedule the service you need.

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