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A truck driving through thick mud in Springfield, IL, on a road trip and having the necessary supplies thanks to these tips.

What to Keep in Your Truck for Any Road Trip

Ah, the open road – just miles and miles of scenic asphalt and the hum of your truck engine to guide you. At Bob and Ron’s Repair Service Inc., we know exactly how great that feeling is, whether you’re heading outside Springfield, IL, or out on a cross-country trip. So what is the one thing that can throw a severe roadblock in front of your plans? Not keeping the right road trip supplies in your truck. So here’s what you’ll need before you fire up your GPS:

Power Up

A mechanic pulling a truck's battery in Springfield, IL, and providing a backup battery for a long road trip.There are two items you should keep with you to ensure help is only a phone call away. First, if something goes wrong with your truck battery, you don’t want to be caught with a phone drained from playing music or podcasts. An external “backup” battery for your phone or other electronic devices will make it easy to get help, even if you can’t use your car charger. Keep one charged and stashed in your glove box.

Getting Assistance

The second item you’ll want is the direct contact information for a towing company like Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc. Depending on the signal where your truck is stranded, it could be much easier to get a call through as opposed to searching the internet for tow service in Springfield, IL (or wherever you happen to be.)

Staying Comfortable

Stacked cans of non-perishable food to take on a road trip in Springfield, IL, to stay healthy and comfortable.While you don’t need to stock the bed of your truck with a crate of MREs, keeping a few bottles of water and some non-perishable food (think sealed granola bars) in the cabin is a good idea. If you find yourself stranded in exceptionally hot or cold weather, these supplies will help you stay hydrated and fueled up. If you live in an area with high temperatures, a hat or sunblock will also help keep you from getting sunburned while waiting on your Springfield, IL roadside assistance provider to get you back on track.

Information You’ll Need

As you travel over hours, days, and miles, the cab of your truck might get a little disorganized. When dealing with a breakdown or mechanical problem, it’s essential to have all the pertinent information ready to go. Unfortunately, that can be hard to do when you need to dig it out from underneath breakfast sandwich wrappers or a duffel bag packed with clothes.

Before heading out on a longer trip, take a moment to ensure you have a folio or envelope in your glove box with paperwork like your registration, insurance information, tire size, pressure, VIN, and vehicle make and model. This step will let you instantly find and relay information when you’re on the phone with our 24/7 Springfield, IL, truck repair service at 217.877.4794.

Don’t let mechanical problems with your truck slow down your road trip plans. If you need help in the Springfield, Illinois area, contact the team at Bob and Ron’s Repair Service Incday or night – and let us keep you rolling!

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