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Cartoon weight station with a cargo semi-truck, stop sign, and trees Decatur, IL

What to Expect at A Weigh Station in Decatur Illinois

Are you new to owning or driving a semi-truck? We know that there may be a lot for you to take in, that is why we are here to help you have confidence on the road, especially during a weigh-in. Most all long-haul freight drivers are required by their place of employment to stop at a weigh station on their drive to make sure that the weight you are carrying is safe enough for you and everyone else on the road. Here are tips on how to properly execute your visit to a highway weigh station and what to expect when you get there!

Metal weight station measuring scale for semi-trucks in Decatur, ILWeighing

So, you see the sign in the distance that says, “Weigh Station Ahead”, but you are completely forgetting what you need to do when you get there. Don’t panic! Pull into the first open weigh station you see, get into the right lane, and if there are others in front of you, wait in line to have your truck and trailer weighed. All you need to do is slowly drive onto the scale at the correct speed for it to be registered and if done properly, you will already be on your way in no time! Some weigh stations may have you drive over the scale a few different times so that they can weigh each axle, but many times one simple weigh count is all you need to ensure that you are carrying a safe load.


Once your truck and trailer have been weighed, your DOT number will then be accounted for in a computer system. This will ensure that your log is accurate if you are inspected again at a separate weigh station. Over time you will develop a safety rating with all your inspection data ready and available for weigh stations to view to see whether you are consistent in how often you carry the appropriate amount of weight. If everything seems to be running smoothly, you will be sent on your way!

Red and white semi-truck going through a weigh station on the highway in Decatur, ILDo I Have to Stop?

If you are driving a commercial truck or semi, Illinois law requires all drivers to stop at the first open weigh station they come across while driving to their destination. It may not seem like a big deal to just keep on driving but failing to stop at a weigh station can have serious penalties such as losing your license and even jail time. Weigh stations are designed to protect you and others on the road and failing to do so puts everyone driving at risk.


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