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What it Means to be an ASE Certified Mechanic in Springfield, Illinois

ASE Certified Mechanics in Springfield, Illinois

Finding the right mechanic is important when you care about your car, and ASE certification can help you find a mechanic you can trust. Here’s what you need to know about ASE certified mechanics in Springfield, Illinois, and how they differ from regular mechanics.

What Is ASE Certification?

ASE certified mechanics bloomington illinoisASE is short for the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, an organization dedicated to making sure mechanics are providing the very best service. ASE is a non-profit organization that’s been around since 1972, making it one of the most trusted mechanic certifications out there.

Becoming an ASE certified mechanic means passing the ASE certification test and having at least two years of on the job training. While there are many ASE certified mechanics out there, only two-thirds of people who take the test pass it on their first try, so ASE certification is a good way to gauge knowledge.

In addition to passing the initial test, mechanics must retake the ASE test every five years to keep their certification. While this serves as a bit of a refresher for mechanics, it’s also a great way to keep them up-to-date with any new information that may have been added since they first took the test.

Benefits of ASE Certification

benefits of ASE certified mechanic bloomington illinoisASE was created to protect everybody involved in automotive shop work, including the customer, shop owner, and technician. For starters, shop owners can more easily find the talent they want to hire by simply looking for mechanics with ASE certification. This means shop owners don’t have to worry about hiring second-rate technicians who cost them money and their reputation. For you, this means not having to worry about getting substandard service when you come to a shop for truck repair. It also allows mechanics to prove they’re talented and qualified to work on your vehicle.

Since ASE certification isn’t just a one-time thing, you can count on your ASE certified mechanic to keep up with all the latest industry standards. You won’t have to worry about getting outdated automotive service when you choose an ASE certified mechanic for your truck.

Taking care of your truck is important, especially if it’s how you earn your livelihood. Thankfully, a reputable ASE certified technician can help with that. If you need truck repair in the Bloomington, IL, area, give Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc. a call.

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