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Orange brake light flashing on truck needing to be inspected by professional mechanic

Warning Signs That Your Brakes Need Repairing

Routine maintenance on your vehicle is essential to keep it running and functioning properly. It may seem like your truck is in great condition, until you notice the dreaded brake light flashing on your dashboard. Before you start stressing, take a breather! The good news is that there are a handful of warning signs that show up before it is necessary to bring your truck to your local auto repair shop. Below we have listed the top 4 warning signs that your brakes need to be serviced! Call Bob & Ron’s Repair Services Inc. in Decatur, IL for quality and affordable brake repair and replacement services.

Flashing Brake Light

Generally, you will hear your brakes going out before your brake light comes on, however, in some instances, your brakes could be so worn down that the fluid in your brake lines could become dangerously low. A flashing brake light is not something to leave unattended for a long period of time. The first thing you will want to do is identify which of your two brake lights is flashing – your standard brakes, or your anti-lock brakes, or ABS. Regardless of which braking system it is, it is important to bring your truck to the professionals at Bob & Ron’s Repair Services Inc. in Decatur IL. With decades of experience, our mechanics will have your brakes working like new in no time.

Worn brake pads being replaced on older truck with new and smooth brake padsOdd Noises

This may be the most popular and universal warning sign for bad brakes on your diesel truck. Every truck owner can recognize worn brakes strictly by the grinding and squealing noises they make when trying to slow down. When you notice these sounds coming from your vehicle, get ahold of your local mechanic at Bob & Ron’s Repair Services Inc. in Decatur, IL. We provide top-of-the-line brake pad replacement and installation services at a price that does not match any of the competitors in the area. We will have your truck sounding good as new in no time, call us today!

Heavy Vibrations

Another common sign that you need new brakes, is experiencing vibrations in your steering wheel when driving and braking. As your brake pads wear down, further braking can damage the rotors that keep your brake pads in place. When your steering wheel begins to shake, chances are one or many of your rotors are uneven and may even need to be replaced. If you notice your vehicle shaking when slowing down, call Bob & Ron’s Repair Service in Decatur, IL for expert maintenance on your brake system.

Brake fluid being checked and filled on truck during routine maintenance checkLeaking Fluid

If your vehicle begins leaking brake fluid, we recommend getting ahold of your local mechanic at Bob & Ron’s Repair Services Inc. immediately. Whether your fluid is leaking from the master cylinder or a separate location in your brake system, our professionals are here to identify and fix the issue as fast as possible and at a great price. Driving your truck without brake fluid is dangerous for you and others on the road, as it might become increasingly difficult to stop your vehicle, do not wait any longer, call our auto repair shop today at (217) 877-4794!

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