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A big rig truck in Central IL has broken down on the side of a highway, and the driver put the hood up to signal to other drivers that he is in distress and needs help.

Truck Broken Down on the Highway? Here’s What You Can Do

Whether you encounter a problem with a blown tire or overheated engine, if you’re a trucker in trouble, you must follow these steps to ensure your safety on the road. Whether driving on a country road or down a highway, use your best judgment, remain vigilant of the weather and other drivers, and call Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc. in Central IL for 24/7 roadside assistance.

Pull Over and Put on Your Hazard Lights

Whatever issue your truck is experiencing, you don’t need to stress over it. Above all, remain calm and get yourself to safety. First, you must pull over to the side of the road, ensuring you are not obstructing the lane so other cars can continue to pass. Once you are out of the way, please put on your hazard lights to warn other drivers that your vehicle has broken down and that they need to use caution when going around you. Keep your hazards on until help arrives to ensure you are always visible.

Put on the Emergency Brake and Raise Your Hood

At Bob & Ron’s Repair Service, we recommend putting on your emergency brake for additional safety. It would be best if your truck remained stopped and didn’t start to roll. It’s also a good idea to turn your steering wheel so your tires are positioned away from the road. This also prevents your truck from rolling into traffic. Once you’re sure your vehicle is secured, you should raise the hood as a signal that you are broken down and seeking help. If you fear a risk of collision, you should exit the vehicle as soon as it’s safe to do so and walk an appropriate distance away while you wait for assistance.

Put Flares or Safety Cones Behind Your Truck

Another precautionary measure you can take is to use flares or safety cones if you have them. Place them behind your vehicle to add visibility and alert drivers that you are stalled on the side of the road. If other drivers on the highway can see your situation in enough time, they can move over to another lane, keeping both of you safe. Avoid getting out of your truck to inspect the problem yourself, as that puts you in a dangerous situation and too close to oncoming traffic, especially when stuck on the side of a highway. If you want to exit the vehicle, do so safely and exit through the passenger-side door if necessary. The last step is to contact a professional for help.

Call 911, and Your Emergency Repair Service

If you’re concerned that the location of your vehicle poses a risk of collision, you should call 911 so they can dispatch a patrol car to help secure your vehicle and make the situation as safe as possible. The next call you should make is to your local emergency repair service. Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc. in Central IL offers 24/7 roadside assistance and will tow your truck to safety so it can be repaired. Be sure you have our number on hand during an emergency: 217.877.4794.

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