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A white and dark blue semi-truck parked on the side of the road due to overheating and requiring professional repairs in Decatur, IL.

The Top 4 Common Repairs for Semi-Trucks

Suffering a roadside emergency can cost a trucker not only tow truck fees and repair costs but also lost hours on the road. Therefore, one of the keys to running a profitable truck is to keep looking for signs of common problems and invest in preventative maintenance or repairs. Keep reading to discover the top four semi-truck problems most often faced by truck drivers and how an expert auto repair shop such as Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc. in Decatur, IL can get issues fixed before a roadside emergency happens.

Common Problem #1: Wheels (Tires, Brakes)

Blowing a tire is inconvenient and can also be a safety hazard to truckers and nearby vehicles. However, many flats can be avoided by keeping the tires inflated properly, replacing tires when the tread runs low and maintaining the axels in alignment.

Brakes are another critical safety device that must be maintained on a semi-truck. Brake inspections should be done at regular intervals to identify disc/drum brakes and brake lines that are worn out. Just like a car, truck drivers need to pay attention to the “feel” of the brakes and take note of any shaking, grinding, or pulsing.

Common Problem #2: Coolant (Radiator)

The front view of a semi-truck in Decatur, ILOverheating can cause severe damage to a truck’s engine. Truck drivers must pay attention to any lights and gauges that indicate overheating and watch for steam coming out of the engine compartment.

Possible causes of overheating include:

  • A malfunctioning radiator
  • Leaking coolant
  • Faulty thermostat
  • Broken water pump

Common Problem #3: Electrical (Battery, Alternator, Starter)

If the truck suffers an electrical malfunction, it won’t stay drivable for long. However, if a driver Ignores the symptoms, they will call a towing company for help. Symptoms of electrical issues include problems starting the engine, lights flickering, and accessories not coming on.

Causes of electrical issues include:

  • A faulty battery that won’t recharge
  • A lousy alternator that won’t recharge the battery
  • Failed starter
  • Bad wires and fuses

Electrical issues are often easy to fix; the more challenging part is determining the root cause of the problem. An auto repair shop like Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc. can run diagnostic tests to look for any voltage problems that may point to the cause of the problem.

Common Problem #4: Transmission (Clutch)

A red semi-truck in an auto repair shop that needs to be repaired due to a lack of vehicle maintenance and auto repair services in Decatur, IL.With 10+ gears, truckers know how often the clutch gets used. Clutch damage can occur due to normal wear and tear and/or because the driver is sloppy at shifting gears.

Symptoms of a failing clutch include:

  • Smell when shifting gears
  • The clutch pedal does not bounce back up once released
  • The clutch pedal is too hard or too easy to push down
  • Grinding, squealing noise when shifting gears

Causes of clutch problems are:

  • Worn friction plate
  • Faulty rods, cables, or lines
  • Damage or wear inside the transmission


Proper preventative maintenance can often avoid significant problems, notice symptoms, and act promptly. If your heavy-duty truck is broken down in the Decatur, IL area, Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc. offers towing services to get your truck off the road and into a shop. Contact us today at 217.877.4794.

We are a trusted local auto repair shop for residents and travelers to Decatur, IL. They are dedicated to performing auto services on semi-trucks and will work hard to get you back on the road.

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