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A large pothole in the middle of a road in Bloomington, IL that has been affecting the ties and suspension of trucks.

The Long-Term Effects of Hitting Potholes for Truck Owners

Any semi-truck driver knows that potholes do more than jar your spine. When you’re traveling down the highway on I-55 or I-74 near Bloomington, IL, it’s important to know who to call in case of an issue with your tires or suspension. Bob and Ron’s Repair Service Inc. offers reliable auto repair shop and towing services if a pothole temporarily puts your truck out of commission.

Let’s take a look at the damage potholes can inflict on your rig.

A vehicle in Bloomington, IL driving over a large pothole and damaging the tires due to constant wear.Tires

Most potholes have hard edges that can jam the tire against the wheel well. Roads torn up by potholes can also damage belts holding the tire together and cause uneven wear by gouging rubber treads. Maintaining appropriate inflation can minimize pothole damage to your tires.


Amazing though it may seem, potholes can do serious damage to your seats. Rumbling over hundreds or thousands of potholes over the years can increase the wear and tear on the bolts connecting your seat to the floor of your semi-truck. This becomes a safety hazard that you can address by bringing your truck to Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc.

The sooner you get the connection assembly fixed, the sooner you can improve your ergonomics while driving. If your seats haven’t been replaced in many years, rest assured that newer seat designs emphasize durability and the comfort of the driver.

A professional mechanic repairing a vehicle in Bloomington, IL that has hit too many potholesMechanical Issues in Bloomington, IL

Potholes jolt your truck from the bottom up. Also, frequent bumps and scrapes on the sharp edges of unfilled potholes can damage other mechanical components.

Unfortunately, that also includes the engine and other parts essential for operating your semi. In some cases, this could leave you broken down along the roadside. Call us at (217) 877-4794, and our responsive team will send a tow truck to bring your rig to our shop.


Potholes also damage the suspension system in cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Although your semi-truck has an extensive suspension system, it can degrade over time. Traveling over potholes and bumps increases the pressure on your ball joints, struts, and shocks, resulting in damage to these parts.

Feel free to come in for an inspection if you suspect problems with the suspension system — avoid issues that could become a big problem while running a load cross-country.

Now you have a better understanding of the damage possible when you drive your semi over a pothole. This information will help you act swiftly to ensure the continued safe operation of your truck.

From towing to auto services, Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc. has your back when it comes to a fast truck repair service due to pothole damage in  Bloomington, IL. Contact us online for more information about our truck and auto services.

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