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            • Most common semi-truck problems

              Monticelli, IL, like towns and cities around the country, has semi-trucks and heavy-duty trucks operating on the road. Unfortunately, on any given day there are a number of semi-trucks and heavy-duty truck are not operating because they are in need of semi-truck repair and/or heavy-duty truck maintenance. This is the among the worst scenarios that a semi-truck or heavy-duty driver can face. They have fallen victim to one the:Regular wear and tear, or even one-time misuse, can cause heavy-duty [...]

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              Common Decatur, IL Semi-Truck Issues

              Semi-trucks may be big and sturdy, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have problems every now and then. In fact, some problems are bound to occur at some point when you’re driving such a large, heavy truck. Thankfully we have the skills and experience to tackle any problem, and we’ve probably dealt with whatever problem you’re having. Here are some of the most common semi-truck problems we deal with on a regular basis.Tires are the most common cause of semi-truck [...]

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