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            • Vehicles That Need Heavy-Duty Towing

              When a vehicle breaks down, most drivers call a towing company for roadside assistance. However, what happens when a large vehicle needs roadside services. The driver calls a Taylorville, IL heavy-duty towing service.Truck towing companies with special equipment can safely handle roadside assistance calls involving over-sized or heavy vehicles. Costly errors are made when towing companies attempt to treat heavy or large vehicles the same as other vehicles. Customers who need heavy-duty towing [...]

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              Biggest road hazards for semi-trucks in a Bloomington, IL winter

              If you have ever had to be behind the wheel during a Bloomington, IL winter, then you know that the road conditions can be brutal. The winters here in Bloomington, IL take a toll on roads, drivers, and vehicles alike. But the winter weather presents particular hazards for heavy-duty trucks and semi-trucks braving the roadways. Winter is the most dangerous time a year for truck drivers. If you drive or have ever driven a semi-truck or heavy-duty truck, then you understand that you face all of the[...]

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