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Close-up of an auto mechanic repairing a modern diesel engine with a tool in Decatur, IL.

Signs You Need to Overhaul Your Diesel Engine

As a car owner, you should always be vigilant about the maintenance of your vehicle, particularly the engine. Diesel engines are renowned for their durability and longevity, but they, too, require regular maintenance and repairs to keep them running smoothly. You can trust the expert advice of our professional mechanics at Bob & Ron’s Repair Service in Decatur, IL. We’ve been loyally serving customers for over 60 years, so you know you can count on the exceptional quality of our expert guidance. Here are some signs that could indicate you need to overhaul your diesel engine.

Reduced Fuel Efficiency

A sudden drop in fuel efficiency is one of the most significant signs that your diesel engine needs attention. You may notice that your car is burning more fuel than usual, or the engine is struggling to get up to speed. This problem often indicates that your engine is not functioning optimally and needs repair. If you notice this issue, please bring your car to a qualified mechanic, like Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc. We’d be happy to administer any necessary repairs and restore your vehicle to be ready for the road again.

Excessive Exhaust Smoke

If you notice thick black smoke coming from the exhaust pipe of your diesel car, it is a sign that something is not right with the engine. Excessive exhaust smoke could indicate various issues, from a clogged air filter to a malfunctioning fuel injector. For these reasons, this issue should not be ignored. The sooner you take your vehicle in for a professional inspection, the better your car will function, making you safer on the road.

Strange Noises

Any unusual sounds coming from your diesel engine should be investigated immediately. A knocking sound could indicate a problem with the bearings, while a whistling sound could suggest that the turbocharger is malfunctioning. Grinding or squealing noises may also be signs of a serious issue. If you’re having trouble identifying or describing the noises you hear, bring your car for a thorough inspection at Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc. We’ll be glad to put our expert ears to the test to diagnose the problem with your engine.

Lack of Power

If you feel your diesel engine is not providing the power it used to, it may be time for an overhaul. You may find that your car struggles to accelerate or takes longer to reach top speed. These are signs that your engine is not functioning as it should, and it may be time for a replacement or renovation. In either case, we advise you to trust industry experts to provide quality care for your vehicle, so you can be confident your car is receiving professional service.

Excessive Vibration

If you feel excessive vibrations from the engine or the steering wheel, it is a sign of a problem with the engine. This symptom could be due to worn-out engine mounts or other issues, and it should be addressed immediately to prevent further damage to the engine or other components of the vehicle. Report the problem to your mechanic immediately so the repair process can begin. Contact our team in Decatur, IL, today!

You Will Benefit from the Quality Repair Services of our Professionals

If you notice any of these signs, taking your car to a reputable diesel engine repair service is essential. In Decatur, IL, you’ll find our quality company of Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc., a professional organization that has been providing quality engine repair and maintenance services to the community for over 60 years.

Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc. offers various services, including engine repairs, maintenance, and replacement. Our team of experienced mechanics uses the latest tools and technology to diagnose and repair diesel engines quickly and efficiently, ensuring your vehicle is back on the road in no time.

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your diesel engine running smoothly and preventing costly repairs down the line. Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc. recommends that you schedule regular maintenance appointments to check the condition of your engine and identify any potential issues before they become more significant problems.

In addition to regular maintenance, taking your diesel car to a professional repair service is essential if you notice any signs of engine trouble. Ignoring these signs could result in costly repairs or even engine failure, leaving you stranded on the side of the road.

Keeping an eye out for signs of diesel engine trouble is crucial to ensuring the longevity and reliability of your vehicle. Call Us 24/7 at 217.877.4794 to report any concerning issues and request maintenance or repair services. We want you safe on the road!

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