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Man with a blue hat and gloves in a grey car feeling cold air blowing from the vehicle’s air conditioning unit

Signs That Your Vehicle’s Air Conditioning System Is Going Out

There’s nothing worse than getting into a hot truck on a muggy day in the spring or summer just to realize that your truck’s A/C has stopped working. Having a properly working air conditioning unit is essential to keeping you comfortable while driving in warm weather. Don’t wait until your A/C unit stops working altogether, pay attention to the warning signs that tell you when your vehicle’s air conditioning unit is about to go out. Thankfully, we researched for you! Keep reading below to discover the tell-tale signs that your A/C needs to be replaced.

Little to No Air Flow

Before your air conditioning unit goes out completely, you will notice a decrease in the amount of airflow being pushed throughout your vehicle. The first thing you should do is turn on your car and turn your air up as far as it will go to determine the force of your airflow. If it is still working but runs extremely slow, it could mean that you need to replace your refrigerant or that your cooling fans/vents need to be inspected. Regardless of the issue, take your truck into Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc. at our location in Decatur, IL. We provide fast and efficient air conditioning services to keep your call cool in the spring and summer months.

Woman holding her hand over her nose while sitting in a car smelling her air conditioning unitUnpleasant Smells

The last thing you want from your truck’s air conditioning unit is an unpleasant smell. The air in your vehicle should never have a foul smell to it or any smell at all. If you turn your car on and notice that your vents are producing an unpleasant odor, this could be a sign that your A/C unit is going bad. Foul smells usually come from mold growing inside your air conditioning unit caused by a persistent leak in your cooling system. Bad smells don’t go away until you have the issue fixed – don’t wait until your A/C stops working altogether, call Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc. today at (217) 877-4794 for expert A/C repair.

It Could Be Leaking Fluid

If your air conditioning unit is leaking refrigerant or compressor oil fluid, it may be difficult to notice as leaks take place inside the cooling system itself. If your A/C is constantly leaking fluid, it will begin to build up until eventually the system is obstructed completely and stops working altogether. If you notice that your air conditioning unit seems to be slowly losing power, a leak could very well be the cause. The only way to identify and fix the issue entirely is to bring your truck to the professionals at Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc. in Decatur, IL.

Person holding a tool to check an air conditioning unit in a car while standing over a vehicle with the hood openLoud Banging Noises

Odd noises are a universal sign for letting you know that something is not quite right with your vehicle. The same goes for your truck’s air conditioning unit. The compressor in your vehicle is responsible for extracting hot air and pushing it through a condenser to cool it in a matter of seconds. If your A/C is not properly maintained, your compressor will begin to fail, and this could result in loud grinding or squealing noises. To get rid of the issue entirely, visit Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc. in Decatur, IL. We have years of experience repairing and replacing A/C units.

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