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Semi-Truck Coolant System Maintenance Tips in Champaign, Illinois

When driving in warm weather or over long distances, keeping your semi-truck’s engine cool is important to protect your safety and keep the truck running smoothly. An overheated engine poses a danger to anyone you share the road with. That is why it’s important to keep up with your truck’s coolant system maintenance in Champaign, Illinois.

Truck Coolant System Maintenance

Truck coolant is pumped through the system during your regular truck maintenance to achieve a consistent operating temperature, even on those long cross-country hauls. Investing the time and money to care for your semi’s cooling system prevents overtaxed engines from breaking down.

The steps needed for proper coolant system maintenance depend on your truck’s manufacturer and differ from auto coolant maintenance schedules significantly. If you’re unsure what to do, seek out a professional opinion.

Semi-Truck engine in Champaign, IllinoisKeeping the Engine Clean

Here are some ideas to keep in mind when it comes to semi-truck coolant system maintenance in Champaign, Illinois:

  • Keep your truck coolant system clean. Choose a mechanic that knows the right kind of flush for your engine make and model and regularly and examine the piping to see if there’s any exterior corrosion.
  • Use a 50/50 mixture. If you top off your truck’s coolant, use a mixture that’s half coolant and half water. Adding just water or coolant affects viscosity and may reduce the coolant’s ability to keep your engine cool.
  • Don’t just use any water. Only highly purified, deionized water should be mixed with engine coolant. Avoid tap water and water treated with a softener, which can leave corrosive sodium in the liquid that enters your coolant system’s interior.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Replacing the coolant is an involved process with several steps. Your mechanic is best qualified to drain and replace your truck coolant following the manufacturer’s recommendations.

An experienced repair shop incorporates these steps in your truck maintenance and can provide additional tips to keep your rig in top condition.

Coolant tank in Champaign, IllinoisTesting the Coolant

If you have the appropriate tools, you can regularly test your rig’s engine coolant. Otherwise, have an authorized mechanic check whether the coolant has the required viscosity to protect your engine.

Regular coolant system maintenance prolongs the life of your semi-truck. Contact Bob and Ron’s Repair Services Inc. for all your truck maintenance needs.

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