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A man wearing black gloves using a white cloth to clean the interior of a truck in Lincoln, IL, for seasonal cleaning.

Seasonal Cleaning Do’s & Don’ts for Your Truck

Keeping your fleet in top condition not only makes your drivers proud to be seen but also represents your brand and company in a new light to all of Lincoln, IL, and beyond. Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc. has experience working on all styles of fleets, from a single tow truck belonging to a local towing company to large logistic businesses that have a different semi-truck for every driver.

Our professional truck repair and servicing teams will get your vehicles running like new, but it’s up to you to make the outside look just as great as the inside. Here are some quick tips on getting the most out of each cleaning.

DO: Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

A car owner in Lincoln, IL using a sponge and eco-friendly cleaning products to clean the exterior of a truck for seasonal cleaning.Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc. is Lincoln’s local auto repair shop focusing on working with anyone needing truck and auto services, whether you’re an owner-operator or fleet-driven towing company. Over the years, we’ve learned first-hand which products work best for our trucks and each one we work on.

Today’s eco-friendly cleaners can be just as powerful as their traditional counterparts while reducing the number of potential interactions your cleaner has with paint, trim, or any interior fabrics that may get caught in the crossfire. You’ll also have fewer concerns over bleaching or staining your clothing; ensure you aren’t dragging any buttons or zippers across the paint.

DON’T: Wash Your Vehicle Out of Order

Getting your truck to look fresh off the lot means getting that clean, shining appearance just right. Cleaning and polishing products will have specific directions on the container to get the most out of each one. These instructions will typically dictate how much water to use when mixing, how long to leave the product on your truck, and in which order of operations it should be used.

DO: Call Our Shop if You Notice Any Needed Repairs

A black leather truck seat with a tear in the cover must be repaired by a professional mechanic in Lincoln, IL.Cleaning isn’t just about the exterior. The floor mats, seat covers, and any dash accessories should be removed and shaken out before getting a thorough vacuum or wipe down. You’ll want to get in and out of the vehicle in as many tight spaces as possible. If you find a part of your truck isn’t working and aren’t sure what’s wrong, give Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc. a call to schedule your next maintenance or service visit.

DON’T: Use Dirty Washing & Drying Cloths

The order you should follow when cleaning starts from the top and works down. This is to avoid doubling up on work. If you’ve cleaned the bottom half already, the run-off from the top half will coat the bottom in a new layer of dirty water and pieces of debris.

Trying to clean with dirty rags will do the same as they leave behind grime from previous washes. As the rags get wet again, the dust and dirt become saturated and can transfer back onto your truck, undoing all of the work up to that point.

These tips will prepare your truck to enjoy the Lincoln air with the windows down and your confidence up, knowing you’ve got the cleanest ride in town.

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