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A person holding a red gas canister near their vehicle that ran out of gas in Bloomington, IL, waiting for a towing service.

Run Out of Gas on the Highway? Here’s What to Do!

Whether you’re driving cross-country or across town, ensuring your gas never goes lower than a quarter tank is essential. Of course, you always want to ensure you have enough gas to make any trip; however, sometimes, drivers aren’t as lucky. Maybe your car has a small gas leak. Maybe your fuel gauge isn’t working correctly. Perhaps you thought you had enough to get you to the next interstate exit but didn’t realize how far away you actually were. There could be dozens of reasons why your vehicle runs out of gas before you can fill it back up again. Suppose you happen to be stuck anywhere near the Bloomington, IL area. In that case, you may consider calling a towing company like Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc. if you cannot reach your auto insurance company directly. Regardless of what steps you take to ensure your car is in good hands and that you arrive home safely, here’s what you need to do next.

A car owner sitting on the side of the road in Bloomington, IL hoping for assistance with his vehicle that has run out of gas and has a red gas canister.Make Yourself Visible

While other drivers try to avoid hitting you or your vehicle, don’t take chances! Always remain on your car’s shoulder/non-road side, even if you run out of gas in town, to wait for your Bloomington, IL roadside assistance provider. It only takes one distracted driver to cause injury! Close all doors, and, if necessary, get help to place the car in “Neutral” to roll it as far into the shoulder as possible, out of traffic. Place your 4-way flashers on, even if it’s daytime, to alert other drivers to your presence.

Get Help to Get Gas, If Possible

If you keep a gas canister in your car or trunk and safely get to a nearby gas station, this will be the fastest way to get back on the road. In many cases, however, it isn’t safe to walk or “hitchhike” to a station (especially at night), so contact a 24/7 towing company to help instead. If you don’t own and keep a gas canister in your car, the service station you reach may not have one available. By relying on Bloomington, IL towing professionals to help you, you won’t have to worry about getting gas back to your car. Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc. is proud to be available 24/7 at 217.877.4794.

A note on a vehicle that has run out of gas on the highway in Bloomington, IL that reads be back soon.Communicate Your Intentions

If you decide to make your way to a service station, lock your car and leave a note on the windshield with your phone number; this ensures law enforcement stays informed if you’re not present. Also, place a piece of cloth or an old T-shirt in your driver’s side window and roll it up to hold the fabric outside. This practice is a well-known symbol of car trouble, and it will help visibility, especially beside a busy highway, if you need a tow truck or assistance to find you.

Prepare for Next Time

Always be ready for unexpected breakdowns or other problems when on the road. Keep towing company contact info handy in your phone or glove box, invest in a small, sturdy gas canister for the car, and make a habit of filling up the tank before your fuel gauge drops lower than a quarter tank.

Happy driving from the team here at Bob and Ron’s Repair Service Inc.!

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