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Prevent the Risks of Sudden Breakdown with These 5 Truck Maintenance Tips

If you’re a truck driver, you know what a disastrous situation it would be to have your truck break down on the highway. You will lose valuable time and could even get into an accident. If a breakdown happens, you should call Bob & Ron’s Repair Service for truck repair or heavy-duty towing throughout Central IL. However, it’s far better to avoid that situation entirely, so we’ve comprised a list of tips to help you stay safe on your route and avoid any risks of sudden breakdowns.

Check Your Fluid Levels

When planning on driving on the highway, you should always check your fluid levels before embarking on your trip. This will ensure that your engine will have the necessary amount of radiator fluid and engine oil to continue to run properly. The last thing you want is to break down unexpectedly on the highway without a fuel station nearby. Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc. will gladly help when you’re stuck and need a tow. Contact us today!

Check Your Electrical System

Your truck uses a significant amount of power, pulling it from the battery and alternator. If your electrical system is insufficient, it will significantly slow down your truck’s performance. This could eventually lead to a breakdown and subsequent repair costs. To avoid this, ensure the battery is fully charged and at the manufacturer’s recommended capacity. Also, check that all cables and wires are intact and corrosion-free to avoid short circuits and system failures. For expert truck repair and service, contact our team at Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc.

Inspect Your Brakes

Your brakes are important to your safety, so you should never neglect them. Unfortunately, your truck’s brakes absorb immense friction, heat, and pressure, making them susceptible to damage and ceasing to function properly. If you hear a squealing sound or feel vibrating when you attempt to stop, that indicates that they need repairs. For professional service, call our team 24/7 at 217.877.4794.

Assess Coolant and Engine Oil

When driving a big rig truck for long distances, you want to ensure the engine doesn’t get overheated. To do this, assess the coolant and engine oil levels to ensure they are clean and at the optimum level. You will likely find yourself stuck on the highway if you drive your truck with clogged coolant or oil.

Check Your Tires

A lot of breakdown incidents that occur on the highways happen due to your tires. Therefore, you want to always check your tire pressure before starting a long trip in your truck. Always keep the tire pressure at the appropriate level—underinflated tires can cause a blowout, while overinflated tires will cause problems with your steering. Consult your owner’s manual and be sure to factor in weather and the passage of time, which can deplete the PSI.

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