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diesel and heavy-duty truck maintenance decatur illinois

Most important maintenance for your diesel or heavy-duty truck in Decatur, IL

Maintenance for Your Diesel & Heavy-Duty Truck

When a semi-truck, heavy-duty truck, or heavy-duty towing vehicle is in need of diesel repair or diesel maintenance, the most important thing to keep in mind is to use a diesel repair shop that is highly qualified to perform diesel maintenance. Failing to do so could result in further expensive repairs and increased downtime, which can also be costly.

If your truck or heavy towing vehicle is in Decatur, IL, and needs diesel maintenance or diesel repair, contact Bob and Ron’s Repair Service.

diesel engine maintenance decatur illinoisDiesel Maintenance: Keep A Truck on the Road, Not in the Shop

In general, proper diesel maintenance will reduce the need for costly diesel repairs. Diesel maintenance can include:

  • Coolant – Coolant should continually be monitored because it will become more acidic over time. If it’s allowed to remain acidic, it can corrode other parts of the vehicle’s cooling system, like the radiator.
  • Fuel Filters – Fuel filters should be replaced approximately every 10-15K miles. Many diesel engines will have two fuel filters: a primary and a secondary. They should both be replaced at the same time for optimal cleaning.
  • Air Filters – Air filters should be inspected and replaced as needed. Depending on the climate and environment that you’re driving in, the air filters may need to be changed more frequently.
  • Regular Oil Changes – A diesel engine’s oil changes should be done every 5K miles. If the engine is used for hard-driving or heavy-duty towing, the oil should be changed more frequently.
  • Gaskets – Gaskets on diesel engines are exposed to extreme operating conditions. With regularity, all mounting bolts should be re-torqued at regular intervals to prevent leaks.
  • Pistons – Piston scoring is pitting and scaring on the piston and cylinder walls. Indicative of poor lubrication (lack of oil), it is commonly a result of prolonged idling, and thus preventable. Failure to repair piston scoring can result in the engine block seizing up, stopping the engine and requiring heavy-duty towing to the nearest diesel repair shop.
  • Water Separator – Drain a diesel engines water separator regularly. A water separator does just that. It separates water from the fuel. Water and diesel fuel don’t mix well. If there is water present the fuel will not burn properly leading to an excessive build-up of dirt in the engine, which makes it less efficient and shortens the life of the engine.

As long as there are diesel engines on the road there will be a need for diesel maintenance and diesel repair. If your semi-truck or heavy-duty truck breaks down in Decatur, IL remember to contact Bob and Ron’s Repair Service.

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