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reasons you may need roadside assistance decatur illinois

Most common reasons for roadside assistance in the Decatur, Illinois

Common Reasons You Need Roadside Assistance

Getting stuck on the side of the road is never fun. It keeps you from getting to your next stop on time and, ultimately, delays your arrival at home. Truckers in the Decatur, Illinois area, should understand the most common reasons roadside assistance is called to ensure their heavy-duty trucks receive needed maintenance and repairs.


Everyone has done it at some point. You jump out of your truck to run into a store really quickly, and when you come back you reach for your keys in your pocket and oops! As you frantically search around your truck, you find the keys sitting in the driver’s seat with the door locked. One way to prevent calling for roadside assistance for lockouts is to store an extra set of keys outside the truck in a hideaway. If you don’t own your semi-truck, you should first get clearance from your employer.

Dead Batteries

roadside assistance for a dead battery decatur illinoisYour truck’s engine may purr like a kitten, but without a strong battery, you won’t go anywhere. Dead batteries are the top reason roadside services companies stay in business. Jump starts from a roadside technician may be a quick fix, but you’ll likely have future issues if your battery isn’t serviced or replaced. Always have your battery’s strength tested prior to a long trip, especially if your battery is three or more years old.

Flat Tires or Blowouts

When one or more tires are flat on a semi-truck, regular roadside assistance isn’t capable of handling the issue. Commercial roadside services are typically called into either help replace the tire(s) with spares or perform heavy-duty towing. Prevent the need for roadside services for flat or blown tires by visually inspecting your tires before starting your trip. Ensure there are no nails or other roadside debris stuck in the tire, check the tread’s thickness, and check the internal air pressure.

Transmission Issuesroadside assistance doesn't leave you stranded decatur illinois

A semi-truck must shift into gear smoothly to prevent a rough ride and keep everyone on the road safe. When this isn’t the case, continuing to drive can be very dangerous. Transmission issues are among the most common reasons roadside assistance and semi-truck towing services are called. To prevent the need for truck towing and roadside services, adhere to your truck’s maintenance schedule and fix any concerns before they become a road hazard.

Don’t Get Stranded

The best way to avoid the need for roadside services is to ensure your semi-truck is well maintained and needed repairs are completed promptly. It’s tempting to think more complex repairs can wait until after the next trip, but doing so can leave you trapped and in need of assistance. If you do need roadside assistance, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at Bob and Ron’s Repair Services.

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