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semi-truck efficiency in springfield, illinois

Improving Your Semi-Truck Efficiency in Springfield, Illinois

How to improve the efficiency of your semi-truck

how to improve your semi-truck's efficiency springfield, illinoisSpringfield, Illinois, like many cities and towns across the country, has its fair share of semi-trucks as well as heavy-duty truck operators. These trucks are in constant need of heavy-duty maintenance and semi-truck repairs. Semi-trucks and heavy-duty trucks are also in need of diesel repair and diesel maintenance. Because of the high costs of ownership, many truck operators are constantly searching for methods to improve efficiency. Fuel economy is always a concern, so here are several ways to improve your semi-truck efficiency.

9 Upgrades That Will Lead to Improved Semi-Truck Efficiency

  • tips to increase your efficiency for your semi-truck springfield, illinoisEngine –By installing a new engine, drivers of semi-trucks and heavy-duty can take advantage of newer technologies that are specifically designed to maximize efficiency. Also by installing a new engine, it is less likely a semi-truck or heavy-duty truck will require costly diesel repair.
  • Radiator –Overheating can stop a vehicle in its tracks and require heavy-duty towing equipment to get to a repair shop. Newer radiators are designed to increase airflow and thus avoid overheating.
  • Steel axles – Ensure that drivers have the steering base and precision to navigate any job site.
  • Glider kits – Essentially a new chassis, glider kits allow drivers to reconfigure older trucks to achieve a better aerodynamic design. An added bonus is that installing a glider kit will make an older truck to look like new.
  • New Tires –Worn tires are less efficient and increase drag. They’re also more prone to flats or blowouts, which can leave you stranded.
  • Gap enclosure – Also the space between the tractor and the trailer, the gap enclosure can slow down a heavy-duty truck. Reducing this space, in turn, reduces aerodynamic drag leading to better efficiency.
  • Side skirts – Installing side skirts reduces aerodynamic drag and airflow under the trailer in crosswinds.
  • Side mirror design – Installing newer side mirrors reconfigures shape and support systems to reduce drag, leading to better efficiency.
  • Boat tails –Boat tails taper the back of the trailer to improve aerodynamic drag.

More Ways to Improve Efficiency

No matter what truck you have, altering your driving style is the easiest way to become more fuel-efficient.

  • Don’t accelerate rapidly – This consumes more fuel and is less efficient.
  • Reduce speed – Just by reducing speed from 56mph to 50mph decreases fuel consumption by 22%. On average, every 1 mph increase in speed results in a 0.14 miles per gallon decrease in fuel economy.
  • Accelerate smoothly – Start in a low gear and gently increase your speed.
  • Use a/c sparingly – Rolling windows down improves fuel efficiency.
  • Adjust load & weight – Place loads as close to the cabin as possible and don’t overload the trailer.

For efficiency suggestions specific to your semi-truck, contact Bob and Ron’s Repair Service today.

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