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A professional mechanic in Central IL works on a diesel truck, providing routine maintenance service to ensure it continues functioning properly.

How Often Should You Book a Diesel Mechanic for Your Truck?

If you own a truck or drive one as part of your job, you should know how often it’s recommended to get it inspected by a professional mechanic. You’re going to want your diesel truck to function at its best for as long as possible, so you shouldn’t hesitate to get the expert opinion of a professional. As experienced technicians in the field, our team at Bob & Ron’s Repair Service in Central IL recommends preventative maintenance. It’s better to avoid complications altogether by going on the defense and stopping the problem before it starts and ends up costing you valuable money in repairs.

Important Diesel Engine Maintenance

Investing in routine maintenance services for your diesel engine will be worth the time and expense by helping you avoid more serious failures and repairs. Our expert technicians at Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc. can help with your diesel truck’s maintenance needs. We have all the tools and expertise needed to provide exceptional service. We’ll be sure to check your engine, the brakes, oil and coolant, fuel, air filters, electrical systems, and more. You will always get thorough service from our team, which includes 24/7 roadside assistance, should you ever need it.

Is a Regular Maintenance Necessary?

At Bob & Ron’s Repair Service, our experts advocate for regular maintenance for your diesel truck. If the professionals say it’s necessary, you’d better believe it. Otherwise, your reliable truck may break down on the side of the road. Although we offer quality towing services, we’d prefer if we could help our customers avoid a situation where they need them. With routine maintenance, your truck will continue to function smoothly and for much longer, so you can continue to depend on it for your travel needs for years to come. So if you want to improve your mileage and retain your truck’s functionality and monetary value, we recommend regular maintenance.

How Often Should You Schedule Service for your Diesel?

As experts in the field, we have a lot of experience with trucks of all sizes, and we recommend that a good guideline is to schedule a maintenance service every six months. However, the timeframe does depend on how you use your truck and how often. If you use your truck daily, consider scheduling routine inspections more frequently. If you use your vehicle less often, once every 6-8 months should be sufficient. If you have questions or concerns about your truck, contact our experts for professional advice and repair services for your diesel truck.

What You Should Do Between Appointments

You can do several things as a truck owner to help maintain the quality of your vehicle in between your scheduled appointments. At Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc. in Central IL, we recommend the following DIY tips to prevent unnecessary damage to your diesel truck and help it achieve peak performance so it meets all your needs for as long as possible. This will also help your next maintenance exam go well and potentially save you money on the bill. Follow these steps or call 217.877.4794 for more guidance:

  • Monitor Oil Levels
  • Check Tire Inflation
  • Avoid Body Corrosion
  • Don’t Allow Long Idling
  • Don’t Stop-Start
  • Report Any Strange Noises


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