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A mechanic’s practiced hands work on a car’s diesel engine to ensure it’s running at full efficiency in Decatur, IL.

Forget What You Thought You Knew: 3 Diesel Engine Myths Busted

There are many myths and misconceptions about diesel engines, but it is important to research the facts before making your purchase. A diesel engine is a type of internal combustion engine that uses the heat from compressed air to ignite the fuel. Diesel engines are typically used in trucks and other heavy machinery because they have more torque than gasoline engines.

Myth #1: Diesel Engines Are Loud

It’s true that diesel engines are generally louder than gasoline engines. However, they’re not always as loud as people think they are. Modern diesel engines use technology that is much cleaner than ever before. They also have plenty of soundproofing and can be run at lower speeds for quiet operation.

A diesel engine produces decibels at approximately 90 dB while idling but can reach up to 100 dB when running at full speed. This compares to a gasoline engine which runs at around 75 dB when idling and reaches up to 88 dB when running at full speed. So while diesel engines may be louder than gasoline-powered vehicles, they’re not nearly as loud as many people believe them to be.

Myth #2: Diesel Cars Are Slow

This has been true in the past, but modern diesel engines have caught up to the competition when it comes to power and torque. Diesel vehicles have greater torque at low speeds than their gas counterparts, which means they’re perfect for hauling heavy loads or climbing hills in Decatur, IL.

Looking at torque alone isn’t enough to evaluate how powerful an engine is because it doesn’t take gearing into account. A diesel engine will always produce more torque at lower RPMs than an equivalent gas engine because it has fewer moving parts and less friction inside the cylinder. This means that it can pull hard at low RPMs without lugging out or overheating the transmission or drive line components like some gas engines do when they’re pushed past their limits.

If you have questions about the speed and power of a diesel engine, contact our experts at Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc.

Myth #3: Diesel Vehicles Are Expensive

While diesel fuel may cost more per gallon than gasoline does, it has a higher energy density than regular fuel does—meaning that you’ll use less fuel overall over time because you’ll be able to travel farther around Decatur, IL, with each full tank of gas.

Additionally, because diesel fuel is less volatile than gasoline, it doesn’t evaporate as quickly or form vapor locks in cold weather, which means your engine will start faster every morning in the winter months.

Count on Bob & Ron’s Repair Service for Diesel Engines

When it comes to diesel engines, you can count on Bob & Ron’s Repair Service. Based in the Decatur, IL, area, they offer everything from car repair to mechanic shop services and more.

In addition to all the normal vehicle repairs you might expect from a mechanic shop, Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc. specializes in diesel engine repair. This means that if you need your car or truck’s engine looked at, we’ll be able to provide professional assistance and guarantee exceptional results.

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