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Maintenance man with clipboard doing general checkup on white semi-truck in Decatur, IL

Decatur, Illinois: The Importance of General Truck Maintenance

Trucks and semis are far more durable than regular cars. While this means that they can taking a beating, it also means that they have far more parts to keep maintained to avoid constant repair. Their various parts and large engine are made up of twice as much material and without regular maintenance, can cause serious underlying damage that may be permanent. Here are 4 reasons why it is important that you keep up on your truck’s general maintenance!

Avoids Engine Problems

Just like a regular family car, issues with the engine can be expensive and can hurt your car’s overall performance if not taken care of. Trucks and semis are no different; issues with your truck engine can create unsafe conditions for you and others on the road if not taken for regular maintenance. If you notice that your truck begins smoking while driving, you begin to lose oil pressure, or your truck will not increase in speed, chances are you may have a serious engine issue that needs to be addressed immediately. Take your truck or semi to Bob & Ron’s Repair Services Inc. in Decatur, IL to avoid having issues with your engine.

White diesel truck with front end damage on wet road in Decatur, ILPrevents Body Damage

Many truck owners do not realize that the body of their vehicle needs to be taken care of just as much as the inside. In fact, body corrosion on large vehicles is one of the main reasons why some trucks, especially company owned semi-trucks, are gotten rid of earlier on than others. In the winter months, your truck’s body will be susceptible to damage from salt and chemicals that cause rust, and overexposure to heat can create certain materials such as vinyl to deteriorate quicker.

Keeps Track of Coolant System Malfunctions

The coolant system is one of the most important parts on a truck or semi. Its main function is to spend liquid coolant through your parts of your vehicle’s engine to keep it from overheating, essentially, without a properly functioning cooling system, your car would not last a few miles without burning out completely. Making sure that your coolant fluid is always checked and replaced as needed is essential to keeping your car in good condition.

White semi-truck rolled over from accident in a grass ditch on the side of the highway in Decatur, ILProtects You in The Event of An Accident

If you are driving a truck through the company you work for, making sure that your vehicle is properly maintained is essential to keeping you and those on the road safe. Legally, it is required for company vehicles to have their trucks inspected regularly to avoid any accidents while driving. If your truck or semi is up to standard on all of their maintenance checkups, then it will eliminate the possibility of the accident being caused due to illegal care. Contact us or call (217) 877-4794 to bring your truck to Bob & Ron’s Repair Services today to ensure that your vehicle is up to your company’s standards.

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