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Brand new diesel truck engine being inspected in Decatur, IL

Decatur, Illinois: How to Know When Your Transmission Needs to Be Repaired or Replaced

Like an engine, your truck’s transmission is essential to the functioning of your vehicle. Issues with your truck or semi’s transmission can not only lead to major repair costs down the road, but it can also put you and other drivers on the road in danger. If you have not had your transmission serviced in at least 15 months, it may be time to visit the professionals at Bob & Ron’s Repair Services Inc. in Decatur, IL. Here are 4 ways to know when your transmission needs to be repaired or replaced.

Difficult to Switch Gears

If your semi or diesel truck is working properly, shifting into gear should be as smooth as butter! If you begin to notice that when you shift, it hesitates before getting into gear or the entire transition itself is rough, there may be an underlying issue with your transmission that needs to be looked at immediately. Problems with your transmission may take place due to a buildup of line pressure or a fluid clog. While a broken shifter may be the cause of difficult shifting, it is still recommended to take your truck in to a professional to have it repaired accordingly.

Transmission fluid leak found on cement pavement under truck in Decatur, ILLeak Coming from Transmission

One of the most common repair and replacement issues with a truck’s transmission is a leak in the system, mainly due to faulty coolant lines. One way to tell if your truck’s transmission is leaking fluid is to check the pavement below your vehicle. If you spot dark drops of liquid that smell like gas or oil, it is most likely your transmission. This fluid is essential to keeping the parts in your transmission lubricated and running efficiently, if you go long enough without taking care of this issue, chances are you will need to have your transmission replaced or at the very least, repaired.

Loud Grinding

While a truck or semi may make a few odd noises over its lifetime, continuous grinding or screeching noises are a bad sign that your transmission is in need of repair. A malfunctioning transmission will make noises that sound almost as if it is growling while in motion or in the process of shifting gears. These sounds could be caused due to low fluid levels or a crack or chip in the transmission gears themselves. Either way, taking your truck to a professional mechanic at Bob & Ron’s Repair Services in Decatur, IL will ensure that your vehicle transmission is inspected and repaired properly.

Oily and damaged truck transmission taken out of car for repairs in Decatur, IL)Lack of Power When Accelerating

The transmission in your vehicle is the powerhouse when it comes to acceleration and deceleration for your truck or semi. In efficient vehicles, a transmission should have no problem accelerating in any environment and at any speed. If you notice that your truck is having an issue accelerating on the highway or even on an average 2-lane road, you should have a professional take a look at your transmission. There could be inadequate compression or clogs in the air filter and exhaust that are easy to repair when taken care of immediately. Don’t wait! Bring your truck in today at Bob & Ron’s Repair for a complete transmission inspection at an affordable price.

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