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Man in a blue plaid shirt with a beard holding a CDL license holding onto a blue semi-truck in Decatur, IL.

CDL Requirements to Maintain Your License

A CDL, otherwise known as a Commercial Driver’s License, is a requirement for all truck drivers and drivers of large vehicles on the road. The testing process can take months when studying for the exam and practicing your driving skills. While it takes many years for CDL’s to expire, there are still a handful of ways that you could lose your license permanently if you are not careful and professional. Whether you recently got your CDL or are curious as to what the requirements are to maintain your license, we have come up with a short list that you should always keep in mind while driving on the road. Continue reading below!

Woman in a blue plaid shirt and a red vest holding a CDL license with blue semi-trucks in the background of Decatur, Illinois.Keep Yourself Healthy

When it comes to driving your semi or commercial truck, the first thing you may not think of is the proper steps you need to take to ensure that you are healthy and safe when getting in your vehicle. While it is not required to get a physical when you have your CDL, it is recommended to visit a physician once every two years to ensure that you do not have any underlying health issues that could impair your driving abilities.

Always avoid any illegal substances – remember many employers have the right to randomly drug test you at any time. Even over-the-counter medicines for colds or muscle aches can be concerning if you take too much of a dose. Maintaining your CDL means always being always aware of your health for the safety of you and others on the road.

Keep A Clean Driving Record

This is one of the most important requirements to having a CDL – keeping your record clean, even when you are not driving your commercial vehicle. Any DUI’s, felonies, or tickets can result in the suspension or revoking of your license. You may be thinking, “why would I be penalized if I was not driving my commercial vehicle?” Many individuals forget that a CDL is not a separate license – it is an extension or additional classification to your current driver’s license, so any infraction, while you are driving at all, can impact the status of your CDL. For more specific information on the seriousness of your driving record, consult your employer.

Man in jeans, a plaid shirt, and a yellow vest squatting next to an orange cone and blue truck with his thumb up in Decatur, IL.Form Proper Sleeping Habits

Forming regular sleeping habits is essential to staying out of an accident. Did you know that one of the most common causes of car or truck accidents in the United States is due to falling asleep at the wheel? Truck drivers work long and tireless hours, so getting enough sleep to stay awake for many hours of the day is essential to maintaining your license and keeping you and others safe while on the road. While sleep will not prevent accidents, it is an extra precaution that not only makes you feel better but can prevent further health issues from occurring in the future.

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