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White semi-truck driving on a snow-covered road in the winter next to snowy pine trees

Bloomington Illinois: Winter Weather Driving Tips for Truck Drivers

It’s that time of the years again! The holidays are in full swing and each passing day in Bloomington, Illinois the temperature keeps dropping. Sooner or later we’ll be welcomed once again with snow flurries and icy roads, which means extra precautions for traveling truck drivers. If you are a truck driver in the area, knowing how to deal with these issues can mean the difference between success and a costly problem. Here are a few key driving tips for to help you get through the winter!

Be Prepared

When driving in cooler climates, it is important that you are prepared for any scenario you may encounter. It’s easy just to hop in your truck without giving much thought to the cold weather. But, if you find yourself in a difficult situation, you’ll want to be prepared by having the following items stored somewhere in your truck:

  • Extra clothing suitable for winter
  • Flashlight
  • Blanket, food, and water
  • Bag of sand or salt
  • Ice scraper
  • Jumper cables
  • Chains for tires
  • Winter coat

In addition to these items, it is always recommended to have a half tank of gas during the colder months to avoid getting stranded when winter truck driving and to avoid frozen fuel lines.

A man in a blue and orange coat driving a semi-truck in the middle of winter on an icy road near mountainsAdjust Your Speed Slowly

If you must slow down, tap your brakes lightly. You don’t want to slam on the brakes and hit a patch of ice, putting yourself and others on the road in danger. You also don’t want to slow down or accelerate suddenly. When it comes to winter weather that can become unpredictable quickly, it’s best to drive slower and adjust your speed according to the conditions to avoid any sudden movements that could cause you to spin out of control.

Watch Out for Bridges

Often bridges can become frozen much quicker than solid ground due to unevenly distributed energy. It is important that when traveling across a bridge, truck drivers slow down and pay attention to the way your truck feels on the bridge’s surface. Look out for slick spots and don’t drive to close to vehicles in front of you.

Red and white winding road sign near a snowy and ice-covered blacktop with pine trees)Obey Road Signs

One of the most important winter driving tips is to obey all road signs. So many people ignore road signs only to wind up in a ditch, or worse, an accident. Never exceed the speed limit and remember that these limits are set based on ideal road conditions. This means that if you’re experiencing bad winter weather, then you’ll need to drive slower than the posted speed limit.

Winter truck driving is definitely a challenge. Truck drivers have enough issues to worry about and winter weather only compounds the worries. But, with the right knowledge truck drivers can successfully navigate messy winter roads with success.

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