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Metal power lift gate on a red and black delivery truck with a cone in Decatur, IL

Benefits of Having A Power Lift Gate for Your Commercial Truck

Metal power lift gate on a red and black delivery truck with a cone in Decatur, IL

If you have worked for the shipping and freight industry, you know that power lift gates on your commercial truck trailer are essential to the ease and efficiency of delivery. Having the proper equipment to unload hundreds of boxes and crates makes a world of difference in how well you can get a job done. A power liftgate is just the accessory you need for your commercial truck to help transport often heavy cargo without having to use handheld equipment that can take up space and become exhausting throughout the day. Here are 4 reasons why installing a power liftgate on your commercial trucks can make a job so much easier!

Saves Time

One of the major benefits of having a power liftgate on your commercial truck is how much time it saves throughout the day. Normally, only a few workers would be responsible for unloading thousands of pounds worth of shipment in a single job by hand, whereas a lift gate would be able to do the same amount of work in a matter of minutes. Everything from heavy equipment to large wooden crates can be placed on a power liftgate without trouble, and generally up to 6000 pounds can be lowered from the truck and onto the ground at once without causing issues to the mechanics of the lift.

White commercial delivery truck with a grey metal power lift gate in Decatur, ILSaves Energy

There is nothing more tiring than having to physically unload heavy equipment or boxes five days a week for more than 8 hours a day. Regardless of a worker’s efficiency in getting the job done, it takes much more energy to lift everything by hand than it would for them to load most of the shipment onto a power liftgate and deliver the product to a customer. Do not let your employees waste their energy unloading heavy shipments, allow them to complete more jobs at a faster pace with the help from a power liftgate on their commercial truck trailer!

Prevents Injuries

A workplace injury is a nightmare not only for the workers themselves but for the company itself. Did you know that back injuries due to high falls account for almost 20% of all workplace injuries in the United States? Installing a power liftgate onto your commercial trucks not only providing efficient delivery to a customer but prevents any injuries that may take place due to falls off a work truck or excessive lifting. Keeping your workers healthy is and safe is essential to a humane working environment.

Call Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc. at (217) 877-4794 for information on how you can install a power liftgate to your commercial truck trailer today!

Old commercial truck with a new metal power lift gate in Decatur, ILProvides Independence

Being dependent on equipment is a recipe for disaster. What happens when your equipment becomes lost or broken? Avoid spending additional costs year after year for bulking equipment you do not need and invest in a power liftgate for your truck or semi-trailer. You will never again have to worry about forgetting equipment or having it break while carrying heavy equipment. Contact Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc. today to give your vehicle the independence it needs to get the job done.

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