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5 Important Diesel Truck Maintenance Tips in Lincoln, IL

Keeping your diesel truck in good shape is of utmost importance, especially when driving your truck is how you earn your keep. Fortunately, we’ve got five excellent diesel truck maintenance tips so you can keep your truck going mile after mile.

1. Regular Cleanings

diesel truck cleaning lincoln illinoisAs is the case with any vehicle, the engines in diesel trucks tend to build up a good bit of gunk over time. Even if you aren’t especially rough on your truck, you should take the time to clean the engine regularly to make sure nothing is building up that could cause a significant problem for you in the future.

2. Check Your Fluids

Diesel trucks, just like standard automobiles, require many different fluids to run smoothly. When one of these fluids runs out or goes bad, it needs to be flushed and refilled right away. This maintenance is why it’s so important to keep a good eye on your fluids if you want to keep your truck running for years.

3. Change Your Filters

Although diesel engines are large, they’re also fairly delicate, which is why they need fuel and air filters to keep contaminants out. Unfortunately, these filters become clogged every so often, so you must keep changing them on a regular schedule of about every 12,000 miles. However, that may differ depending on use.

4. Change the Oil

Just like with any engine, regularly changing the oil on your diesel truck is one of the biggest things you can do if you want to keep your truck in good shape. As a rule of thumb, the oil in a diesel engine should be changed every 5,000 miles or so, although that number can rise significantly with commercial vehicles.

5. Watch Your Exhaust System

truck exhaust system lincoln ilNot only does your truck’s exhaust system affect its performance, but it also affects the environment significantly. Making sure you’re keeping up with exhaust repairs is an excellent way to make sure you don’t have problems with your truck and that you’re doing your best to reduce its impact on the environment.

Taking care of a diesel truck is a bit different than a standard truck, but the basic principles are all pretty much the same. If you need help taking care of your truck in the Lincoln, IL, area, Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc. is the truck mechanic you can always rely on for diesel truck repair and maintenance.

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