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4 Ways to Know Your Semi-Truck Needs an Oil Change

Like all vehicles, semi-trucks require regular maintenance and oil changes to keep the vehicle in working condition. However, it can be easy to forget when your truck needs an oil change until it doesn’t seem to run as well as it used to. If left unattended for too long, your truck will begin showing signs that the lack of oil is doing damage. What are these signs, you ask? Don’t worry, we’ve included a list of things to look out for to let you know when your oil needs to be changed by one of our experts at Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc.!

Check Engine Light Is On

There are many reasons why your check engine light could be flashing across your dashboard, the most common, however, is if you haven’t had an oil change in a while. While it may seem scary at first, this light is just a bold reminder that you have exceeded the miles recommended from the last time you received an oil change until now. If this happens, don’t panic, call Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc. in Decatur, IL and we will have your oil changed and air filter checked in a matter of minutes.

Red semi-truck parked in a large mechanic shop garage getting an oil change Decatur, Illinois..Your Oil Level Is Low & Dirty

So, if there aren’t lights flashing across your dashboard, how can you tell if your engine oil is low? Manually checking your oil is a great way to determine when you need another oil change. Before taking off on the road, open the hood to your truck and locate the dipstick. Take it out and wipe off any oil sticking to the metal, then put it back in all the way and pull it out to see what level your oil is at. If you notice it is below the recommended amount and quite dirty, this is a sign that your oil needs to be changed.

Your Semi Starts Making Noise

Noises coming from your engine are never a good sign. If your oil is not properly maintained, your engine will not have the lubrication it needs to run and operate smoothly, making it much easier for your truck to stop working altogether. If you notice that your engine is becoming excessively loud, call Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc. today for a quality inspection on your vehicle and a fresh oil change.

Black and grey semi-truck spewing black smoke from its exhaust and in need of an oil change.Your Exhaust Is Smoking

It is not uncommon for semi-trucks to emit vapors from their tailpipe and exhaust systems. In fact, a normal amount of vapor is necessary to keep any fumes from backing up into the cabin. This vapor is commonly seen as white or translucent, however, if your truck is in serious need of an oil change, that vapor can turn into black smoke instantly. If you notice constant, dark fumes pouring from your truck’s exhaust system, call Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc. immediately, and we will have your truck running as good as new!


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