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An auto repair maintenance expert squatting next to a semi-truck in Champaign, IL, for a preventative maintenance inspection.

4 Preventative Maintenance Tips For Your Heavy-Duty Vehicle

At Bob and Ron’s Repair Service, we offer quick service 24/7 throughout Champaign, IL, because we know that as long as your car or truck is broken down, you cannot make your living. So one of the ways to stay on the road longer is to ensure you’re performing routine maintenance on your heavy-duty vehicle. So give us a visit, and we can perform ASE-certified inspections on critical systems and perform repairs so that you’re less likely to break down.

Brake Inspections

A truck in Champaign, IL, at an auto body shop to get the brakes inspected and replaced by professional mechanics.It requires a lot of power to bring a semi-truck to a halt once it has gained momentum. The worst time to discover you’ve worn brakes is when you need them. Ensure your brakes are checked and replaced routinely to remain safe on the road.

Fluid Replacement

Your heavy-duty vehicle relies on numerous fluids to keep internal components lubricated and operating efficiently. Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc. will check your fluid levels to ensure you don’t have any leaks and can replace oil, transmission fluid, coolant, brake fluid, and power steering fluid that has degraded from regular use.

While you’re stopping in for a fluid system check at our location in Champaign, IL, we can also check your tire pressure. Tire blowouts are one of the most significant risks on the road today, so ensuring your tires operate at recommended pressures can help you avoid being stranded on the road with a blown tire or losing control of your vehicle during a blowout event.

Electrical System Maintenance

Long-distance trips can take a toll on your electrical system, especially when you encounter a lot of stop-and-go traffic. So an electrical system inspection checks your alternator, battery, exterior lighting, and the other electrical components in your rig to identify potential problems before they’ll sideline you on the road.

Gearbox and Clutch Maintenance

A professional mechanic in a black and blue uniform fixing the gearbox of a heavy-duty vehicle in Champaign, IL.Did you know that a working clutch can reduce your fuel economy? Regular gearbox inspections can determine if your clutch is slipping and if your transmission is operating efficiently. Operating heavy-duty vehicles puts a lot of pressure on these components because you need a lot of torque to get the load behind you moving.

We’re Here for You When You Break Down

Breakdowns don’t follow our schedules, so we offer 24/7 roadside service when you’ve broken down on the road. If we cannot get you running again on the side of the road, our towing company can get you to our local auto repair shop so that we can perform the repairs right away. So whether you need preventative maintenance or service on demand, Bob & Ron’s Repair Service Inc. is ready to meet your needs.

Give us a call at 217.877.4794 at any time to schedule your preventative maintenance or roadside service. As long as you’re in the Champaign, IL area, we will ensure you’re taken care of.

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