• What does an ASE-certified mechanic mean for auto repair?

              September 9, 2019
            • ASE-Certified Mechanic

              If you have ever owned a car, van or even a heavy-duty truck, then there is a good chance that you have needed service or repair. You could attempt to make repairs yourself, or you could take it to the mechanics or technicians at any one of the many repair shops in Decatur, IL.

              If you are going to take your vehicle to a repair shop in Decatur, IL, make sure that the repairs are performed by ASE-certified mechanics and technicians. This is especially true if you need heavy-duty truck repair or semi-truck repair. These vehicles have specialized engines that require mechanics familiar with diesel repair.

            • So then, what is meant when a mechanic or technician is an ASE-certified mechanic or technician? It means that they have been tested and found to have expertise in a variety of areas.

              ASE is an acronym, which is short-hand for the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. This independent organization is non-profit and has been in existence since 1972. The NIASE is headquartered in Leesburg, VA. The NIASE or ASE for short has a stated mission of improving the quality of vehicle repair and service. To accomplish this mission, the ASE test and certifies automotive professionals.

            • So the simple answer to "what does it ASE mean for auto repair" is that you will be receiving high-quality service and expertise.

            • 4 Reasons to Use ASE-Certified Mechanics

              When you choose to work with ASE-certified technicians, you benefit from proven automotive expertise. There are four main reasons you should choose ASE-certified mechanics:

              • There are mandatory requirements to become ASE-certified: ASE certifications are not freely handed out. Two years of experience in automotive repair and service are required before an individual can even apply for testing in one of eight specializations.
              • Certifications expire if not renewed: An ASE certification lasts for only five years. Because an individual must be retested to stay current with their ASE certification, they participate in continuing education within their area(s) of expertise.
              • Automotive technology changes constantly: While the basic shape and function of vehicles have not changed, the technology inside is in constant flux. ASE-certified mechanics remain aware of these changes. Using an ASE-certified technician ensures that the person doing the work is knowledgeable.
              • More experience/Less cost: An ASE-certified mechanic has more experience because of the required hands-on component of the certification. Thanks to their extensive knowledge base, ASE-certified technicians can perform repairs much faster, which saves you time and money in the long run.

              The next time you need your vehicle repaired or serviced, put your trust in an ASE-certified mechanic.