• Most common semi-truck problems

              August 12, 2019
            • Frequent Semi-Truck Repair Problems

              Monticelli, IL, like towns and cities around the country, has semi-trucks and heavy-duty trucks operating on the road. Unfortunately, on any given day there are a number of semi-trucks and heavy-duty truck are not operating because they are in need of semi-truck repair and/or heavy-duty truck maintenance. This is the among the worst scenarios that a semi-truck or heavy-duty driver can face. They have fallen victim to one the:

            • Top Ten Reasons for Semi and Heavy-Duty Truck Breakdowns

              Regular wear and tear, or even one-time misuse, can cause heavy-duty semi-truck breakdowns resulting in the need for maintenance and repairs usually at the most inconvenient times. What are the most common causes of breakdowns?

            • Tires Wheels Hubs and Rims

              The tires are the only thing that makes contact with the road. As such, it is no surprise that tire issues are the number one reason a semi-truck or heavy-duty truck can be put out of commission. Standard wear and tear, if not addressed, can lead to blowouts. Faulty tires makeup over 50% of roadside calls and are the number one reason for citations.

            • Outside of general wear and tear, the top three reasons for tire failure are:

              • Underinflation - this causes excess heat in the sidewalls
              • Low tread depth - this makes the tire more susceptible to punctures
              • Misaligned axels - will cause premature wear
            • Air Brakes and Braking Issues

              Brakes are the #3 cause of roadside attention. Any brake-related problem is likely to draw an out-of-service citation and that means a call-out before the vehicle can be moved.

            • The top seven causes of brake issues are:

              • Internal water and contamination in the air supply and control system
              • Oil passing from the compressor
              • External contamination and corrosion
              • Air pressure leakage
              • Brake system pressure and timing imbalance
              • Reduced foundation brake performance
              • Ineffective maintenance practices
            • Electrical System Failures

              A heavy-duty or semi-truck can face serious and costly repairs if the electrical systems fail. Common issues that will require semi-truck repair are:

              • Failure to start due to lack of cold-cranking amps
              • Battery failure

              Signs of a malfunctioning electrical system include corroded battery connections; dead batteries; dim or flickering lights; strong, unusual odors; and clicking sounds when starting the engine.

            • Engine and Exhaust Systems

              Any failure in these systems can be catastrophic and will require immediate diesel repairs.

            • Additional areas that could cause the need for semi-truck repairs are:

              • Fan Clutches
              • Cooling Systems Radiators and Water Pumps
              • Ball Joints and Axels
              • Thermostats
              • Suspension Systems
              • Fuel Systems

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