• Vehicles That Need Heavy-Duty Towing

              July 15, 2019
            • What vehicles need heavy-duty towing service?

              When a vehicle breaks down, most drivers call a towing company for roadside assistance. However, what happens when a large vehicle needs roadside services. The driver calls a Taylorville, IL heavy-duty towing service.

            • Truck towing companies with special equipment can safely handle roadside assistance calls involving over-sized or heavy vehicles. Costly errors are made when towing companies attempt to treat heavy or large vehicles the same as other vehicles.

              Customers who need heavy-duty towing services need to make sure that the company they call has the experience, skills, and special equipment required to transport large vehicles without causing additional damage or placing others on the road at risk of injury.

            • Vehicles That Require Heavy-Duty Towing

              The types of vehicles that require special equipment for heavy truck towing include:

              • Semi-Trucks — Semi-truck towing requires special equipment because these vehicles are extremely tall, long, and heavy. Towing 18-wheelers, tractor-trailers, and big rigs can be dangerous if you do not have the expertise and equipment required for heavy-duty towing.
              • Garbage Trucks and Delivery Trucks —Towing larger vehicles like garbage trucks and delivery trucks is not an issue when a towing company has the correct equipment, including wheel-lift and under-reach capabilities. A truck towing company trained in heavy-duty towing can perform safe, damage-free towing for large vehicles.
              • Buses —It is extremely difficult to tow a bus without the proper equipment. The shape, weight, and length of the bus make it impossible for regular tow trucks to move the bus safely. If you need to tow the bus for a long distance, the towing company must have the equipment to avoid ground effects and skirting.
              • Motorhomes —When a motorhome needs to be towed, you need a heavy-duty tow truck. An experienced heavy-duty towing company will have tow trucks equipped with heavy-duty wheel lifts to transport the motorhome safely.
              • Other Large Vehicles — Other large or heavy vehicles that typically require a roadside assistance company licensed and equipped to tow heavy vehicles include bobtails, dump trucks, transportation cranes, pine-hook trailers, fifth-wheel trailers, and cement trucks.
            • Taylorville, IL Heavy Duty Towing Services

              Bob & Ron’s Repair Services provides towing services throughout the Taylorville, IL area. We are equipped to handle semi-truck towing and other heavy-duty towing jobs. Our company also offers a variety of roadside services.

              If you need roadside assistance or towing for a large vehicle, you can trust that our operators have the training and knowledge to offer the best service possible.