• Common Decatur, IL Semi-Truck Issues

              May 20, 2019
            • Most common semi-truck problems we fix

              Semi-trucks may be big and sturdy, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have problems every now and then. In fact, some problems are bound to occur at some point when you’re driving such a large, heavy truck. Thankfully we have the skills and experience to tackle any problem, and we’ve probably dealt with whatever problem you’re having. Here are some of the most common semi-truck problems we deal with on a regular basis.

            • Tires

              Tires are the most common cause of semi-truck breakdowns. Your tires are responsible for carrying a heavy load, so it’s more important than ever to make sure your tires are in good shape. Common problems include under-inflation, worn tire tread, and problems with axle alignment. Regular semi-truck maintenance is a good way to make sure your tires don’t give out on the road.

            • Brakes

              Another common problem that requires semi-truck repair is the brakes. Your brakes go through a lot of wear and tear because of the high amount of friction caused by stopping a heavy truck. Issues with your brakes may be a result of wear and tear, air leaks, or even water that’s frozen in the brakes. Regular heavy-truck maintenance can prevent brake issues on the road.

            • Electrical System

              Every vehicle relies heavily on its electrical system, and diesel trucks are no exception. You need your truck’s alternator, battery and starter motor to work as one cohesive unit. If one of these parts has a problem, it affects the others. Although a dead battery or dim or flickering lights are the easiest ways to tell if your electrical system is having problems, you may also notice a strange odor or a clicking sound. It’s also possible that your battery connections are a bit corroded. If this is the case, it may be time to hire a diesel repair mechanic to fix your truck up.

            • Hire a Pro

              When you’re dealing with something as important as semi-truck maintenance, it’s important to pick a mechanic who can get the job done. Bob & Ron’s Repair Services, Inc. has been providing heavy-duty truck repair and maintenance in Decatur, IL and the surrounding areas for nearly 60 years and is recognized by the Department of Transportation. Plus, all of our mechanics are ASE certified. Call us at (217) 877-4794 or use our estimates page to get a free estimate today.