• Springfield, IL Semi-Truck Repair: Biggest challenges to working on a big truck

              March 25, 2019
            • Here’s what you need to know about semi-truck repair

              Performing heavy-duty truck maintenance or semi-truck repairs is not easy. It requires a shop with specialized tools and equipment as well as highly qualified mechanics. Don’t trust just anybody to perform work on your heavy-duty truck. The good people at Bob & Ron’s Repair in Springfield, IL can meet any challenge involving heavy-duty semi-truck maintenance or repairs.

            • 6 Biggest Challenges of Working on a Big Truck

            • 1. Space

              Semi-trucks and heavy-duty trucks are workhorses, and as such are not small vehicles. When performing semi and heavy-duty truck repairs a large space is required. Adequate space is needed to perform heavy-duty truck maintenance, but even more, space is required to perform semi-truck repairs. If the plan is to work on more than one truck at a time, even more space is needed.

            • 2. Special Tools and Equipment

              When working on a big truck, you need to have the right tools and equipment. Acquiring specialized tools and equipment to perform heavy-duty truck maintenance or even diesel repair is a costly challenge.

            • 3. Adequate Inventory of Parts

              Unlike most passenger vehicles that can readily get parts, semi-trucks and heavy-duty trucks often require special parts that need to be ordered as needed. The challenge for diesel repair shops is to two-fold. Shops need the space to keep many specialized parts on the premises and have assets to keep items in stock. Seasoned auto repair shops have an inventory supply chain that facilitates the ability to fulfill just-in-time orders. The inability to get parts in a timely manner leads to inefficiency and costly downtime.

            • 4. Diagnosis

              Semi-truck maintenance and diesel repair present the challenge of being able to diagnose problems correctly, quickly and efficiently. Failure to correctly diagnose an issue can lead to increased downtime as unnecessary work is performed while not actually fixing the real problem.

            • 5. Being Mobile

              It is a fact that most breakdowns occur while on the road, sometimes in remote locations. It is a challenge for heavy-duty truck repair shops to bring assistance to drivers facing downtime while stranded on the side of the road. Once on the scene, heavy-duty towing is often required to return a vehicle to the shop for repairs.

            • 6. Experienced & Certified Mechanics

              Diesel truck mechanics are in short supply. Every heavy-duty truck repair shop faces the challenge of attracting and keeping well-qualified mechanics. No trucker wants to entrust their investment to a diesel repair shop that doesn’t employ experienced and certified mechanics.