• Biggest road hazards for semi-trucks in a Bloomington, IL winter

              February 25, 2019
            • Here’s what you should watch out from on Bloomington IL roadways

              If you have ever had to be behind the wheel during a Bloomington, IL winter, then you know that the road conditions can be brutal. The winters here in Bloomington, IL take a toll on roads, drivers, and vehicles alike. But the winter weather presents particular hazards for heavy-duty trucks and semi-trucks braving the roadways.

              Winter is the most dangerous time a year for truck drivers. If you drive or have ever driven a semi-truck or heavy-duty truck, then you understand that you face all of the normal hazards of regular vehicle drivers. You also face additional hazards specific to large trucks. During wintertime driving, the hazards faced by semi-truck and heavy-duty truck drivers increase exponentially.

            • Prepare for Winter Weather on the Road

              Prior to and especially during the winter months, semi-truck and heavy-duty operators should:

              • Make sure that their vehicle receives proper exterior maintenance prior to winter weather. This includes new windshield wipers and mirror repair to enhance visibility.
              • Because cold weather heavy-duty towing can take a toll on semi-truck and heavy-duty truck engines, operators need to have proper diesel repair and maintenance. In addition to tune-ups, maintenance should include a thorough brake and steering inspection.
              • Tires on heavy-duty and semi-trucks need to be properly maintained or replaced if worn. Older tires cannot generate the friction needed to stay safe on icy roads.
            • 5 Hazards of Winter Driving for Semi-Trucks

              • Reduced steering capabilities of semi-trucks and heavy-duty towing vehicles due to icy road conditions and shifting loads.
              • Reduced brake efficiency. The brake systems of larger vehicles can suffer "brake freeze" which can increase the stopping distances necessary to stop semi-truck or heavy-duty truck.
              • Poor visibility is a hazard that many heavy-duty and semi-truck will face during winter months. This is why new windshield wipers should be a part of proper heavy-duty and semi-truck maintenance.
              • Flying ice, both from passenger vehicles, as well as other larger vehicles like other heavy-duty trucks and semi-trucks.
              • The biggest hazards for semi-truck drivers in Bloomington, IL is other motorists on the road. Their actions and reactions in winter weather pose the greatest hazard to semi-trucks and heavy-duty vehicle operators.
            • This is why it is imperative that semi-truck and heavy-duty be prepared in order to stay safe in the harsh winter conditions of Bloomington, IL.